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Zhejiang Yinyi Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yinyi Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Yinyi Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd.) was established in July 2017 and officially put into operation in December 2020. It is a company specializing in plastic film, aluminized film, pearl film, and transfer film. , Thermoplastic film, PVC rigid film, roll kraft paper, aluminum foil paper, milk facial paper and waxed paper and other private enterprises for packaging, decoration and printing.

The company has a total investment of more than 200 million yuan, covers an area of 14,060 square meters, a factory building area of 14,876.51 square meters, and has a two-story standard workshop and warehouse. At present, it has BOBST 9-color and 11-color high-speed gravure printing machine, Beiren high-speed gravure 9-color printing and waxing machine, BOBST and Nordmec high-speed solvent-free laminating machine, domestic dry laminating machine, high-speed digital printing machine Cutting machine, high-speed computer inspection machine, high-speed bag making machine and other equipment, with rigorous management, superb technology, excellent quality, are praised by users and won many customers.

  • Technical Skills90%

  • Praised by users85%

  • Product Quality95%

  • 2001

    State-owned printing factory transformed into a private enterprise
  • 2004

    Passed ISO9001 international quality management certification

  • 2008

    Obtained National Industrial Production License

    (QS) Plastic Packaging and Paper Packaging Production License

  • 2012

    Proactively apply for a third-party social responsibility review

    Become a qualified packaging and printing supplier for Disney

  • 2017

    Acquired FSSC22000 food safety system certification in December 2017

  • 2018

    Completed the conversion of ISO9001:2015 version in March 2018

  • 2020

    Shanghai Yinyi Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd. was renamed as Zhejiang Yinyi Packaging & Printing Co., Ltd.
  • 2021

    Obtained ISO 22000 FSSC22000 system certification

Enterprise spirit

  • Honest

    Honesty not only represents the company's sincere and credible social image, but also represents a social responsibility. The integrity of an enterprise includes the integrity of the company to the society, customers, and employees, as well as the integrity of the employees to the company. If companies and employees want to become the best and most competitive companies or individuals, they must adhere to the basis of honesty and trustworthiness, and win the respect and trust of customers and the whole society with their words and deeds. If product quality is the life of an enterprise, then honesty is the foundation of enterprise development, and it is also the basic criterion for employees to behave in the world.

  • Dedication

    Narrowly speaking, dedication is a kind of professionalism, which is to do your job well, and be full of a sense of accomplishment and honor for your dedication, which leads to a strong sense of responsibility to the company, to be proud of the company, and to take the company as your home Sense of belonging. Only in this way can the company's overall goals and employees' personal ideals and ambitions be fully integrated, and the company can flourish and personal careers can flourish.
  • Enterprising

    An enterprise without efficiency cannot survive, and an enterprise without innovation and enterprising is struggling and unable to develop. Choosing to maintain the status quo is to choose the gradual decline. Choosing to stand still is to choose to be eliminated. Only by continuous continuous improvement, improved management, continuous technological innovation, and the courage to open up, can the enterprise last forever. This requires all employees to maintain a strong thirst for knowledge and desire at all times, to maintain an enterprising heart, not to be reconciled to the status quo, not to obey the old rules, not to follow bad habits, to learn, to be united, and to always maintain an enterprising and innovative spirit. .
Enterprise spirit

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