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    Scientific management

    The company takes "integrity, dedication, and enterprising" as its operating creed, operates in compliance with the law, and focuses on corporate reputation and image. Carry out total quality management, through the establishment of an internal review mechanism, and continuously improve the company's management capabilities and the traceability of product quality through management forms such as the "captain responsibility system".

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    advanced technology

    The company has a technical team composed of backbones of various departments, responsible for the trial production of various new products and new materials. Responsible for analyzing and solving various technical problems encountered in production.

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    Quality control

    The company has an independent quality management department. The quality control department is composed of QA and QC. QA is mainly responsible for establishing, implementing and effectively maintaining a quality management system. QC is mainly responsible for inspection and testing activities, including incoming inspection, inspections of various processes, Finished product inspection, etc.

Timeliness of arrival

The company has its own transportation fleet, equipped with full-time drivers and delivery service personnel, to clean and inspect all vehicles every day.

According to the delivery period stipulated in the contract with the customer, the products required by the customer will be delivered to the designated location on time. If customers have special requirements, we will fully cooperate to ensure delivery.

Development timeliness

Development timeliness

In terms of new product development, the company has a five-person product development team, with an average degree of college degree or above.

When receiving the customer’s new product development request, immediately put into work, prepare raw and auxiliary materials, prepare production facilities and equipment, staffing, etc., and cooperate with customers to complete the trial production of new products within 5-7 working days.